July 14-15, 2023
Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)

A fast track into the techno industry.

at 84€*

*Starting price per day. Maximum capacity is 150 seats.

For who?

DJs and Producers.

For all the artists who want to accelerate their music career with a direct access to exclusive learning sessions and connections with highly-recognised exponents of the techno industry.

When and where?

July 14th and 15th, 2023. The event will take place in the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands in a historic location that has hosted dozens of international techno artists over the years: Melkweg.

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Last edition recap
July 14 - Day 1

Music Production

11:00 / 11:15 - Intro

A quick introduction of the event and the first day's activities regarding Music Production.

11:15 / 12:15 - Seedj Original by Goedel

Our e-learning manager Goedel will pick up 5 key points of Music Production from the Seedj courses library that will be applied in real-time on an Ableton Live techno track project.

12:30 / 13:30 - Remco Beekwilder

Remco Beekwilder will join the Bootcamp on the second slot of Day 1, for an insightful talk where he will address important aspects of music production, label management, and the release process.


You will gain valuable insights as Remco discusses the fundamentals he looks for when selecting new music for his label Emerald, discovering his approach to artist collaborations and the research phase.


You will learn more about the workflow involved in releasing music and how Remco manages distribution, marketing, promotion, and press relations.

13:30 / 14:30 - Connection Lunch

Lunch break where some of our tutors and partners will meet the "Fast-Track" participants for a Q&A and contact sharing.

14:45 / 16:00 - Schacke

After an introduction about himself, discussing his musical background and how it will be relevant to the masterclass, Schacke will demonstrate techniques using unconventional sound sources like noise and field recordings, creating a structure for a techno track.

Participants will learn audio track manipulation using effects and resampling to create textures.

Schacke will explore how to utilize randomness for melodies and drum loops through MIDI analysis, arpeggios, and looping.


The workshop will conclude with a Q&A session where Schacke will address audience questions on production.

16:15 / 17:30 - Anthony Linell

Swedish techno icon, producer and DJ, Anthony Linell will host the last workshop of Day 1 focused on his signature production workflow.


Through his extensive experience and unique artistic style, Anthony will show his way of preparing and recording sonics, sourcing loops within recordings and how to work with different treatments to get the most out of the sounds.


Additionally, he will share valuable knowledge about the inner workings of his renowned record label, Northern Electronics.

This workshop will give aspiring producers a valuable opportunity to delve into the intricacies of music production, gain inspiration, and learn from Anthony Linell's expertise and artistic vision.

17:45 / 18:15 - Arturia Demo

Arturia will host the last workshop of the day featuring the MiniFreak Synthesizer.


This analog synthesizer offers 6-voice polyphony and a wide range of features, making it a valuable tool for DJs and Techno producers.


It comes with the MiniV plugin, an exact emulation of the synth, allowing for seamless integration and control between the hardware and software.


The workshop will include a 30-minute presentation where you can explore the capabilities of the MiniFreak and listen to its unique sound.


This informative session provides an opportunity to learn more about this affordable and versatile synthesizer by our selected manufacturer of this year: Arturia.

18:30 / 19:00 - Joranalogue

Driven by an unrelenting passion for analogue circuits, Joranalogue Audio Design offers a novel series of high-quality Eurorack music synthesiser modules.

The utilitarian aesthetic envelops designs provide immense depth, versatility and precision.


They will do a demo of their latest models giving some insights about a correct approach to modular synthesis.

19:00 till ? - Connection meet-up

Conclusion of Day 1 with greetings, feedback and a second meet-up with the tutors and partners of the first day (for "Fast-track" users).

July 15 - Day 2


11:00 / 11:15 - Intro Day 2

A quick introduction about the second day's activities regarding DJing (digital & vinyl).

11:30 / 12:45 - Grace Dahl

Our Day 2 starts with a gem of the Dutch techno scene: Grace Dahl.


She will begin by covering the fundamental aspects of DJing, such as beatmatching, timing, and familiarization with CDJs and mixers.


Grace will then delve deeper into the basic structure of tracks, highlighting the significance of track selection and providing valuable insights on how to prepare effectively.


This workshop will give a valuable opportunity to enhance your DJ skills and gain insights from Grace Dahl's expertise, expanding your knowledge and elevating your DJing abilities.

13:00 / 14:00 - Connection Lunch

Lunch break where the tutors and partners of the Day 2 will meet our participants for a Q&A and contact sharing (for Fast Track users).

14:15 / 14:45 - BLBC Agency
Juliette Indjic, mama boss of BLBC Agency, will join for the second year in a row the Seedj Bootcamp, hosting a talk moderated by our team focusing on the healthy growth "as an artist" in the techno industry.
How to build a unique identity to distinguish yourself from the tons of new emerging artists coming into the scene?
This will be the main point of the talk where we'll answer from a "booking agency" point of view.
15:00 / 16:15 - Laure Croft

Laure Croft will share her expertise in selecting and organizing records for gigs, providing valuable insights into creating a well-curated record bag.


The correct setup of turntables and the importance of conducting a soundcheck before a show will be covered, ensuring optimal performance quality. Discover turntable tricks, including beatmatching and mixing techniques, and learn how to overcome challenges specific to playing vinyl.


Laure will also offer tips specifically tailored for beginners and emerging DJs venturing into the world of vinyl DJing.

16:30 / 18:00 - Parrish Smith

Engaging techno DJing workshop hosted by Dutch-based artist Parrish Smith, with a pinch of punk flavour.


Parrish will share personal insights, discussing his journey, the reasons behind his career choice, and the importance of exploring niches and subcultures.


Our participants will learn how to find inspiration, kick-start their careers, and prepare for shows, including music discovery through platforms like Discogs.


The workshop will cover Rekordbox workflow, cue points, tracklist ordering, and delve into principles such as timing, looping, beat matching, and different mixing styles.


Digital demos will showcase techniques like fast cutting, utilizing small functions, and developing a unique style.


In the end, Parrish will provide valuable tips and offer a Q&A session.

18:15 / 19:30 - Psyk

Spanish artist and Non Series label head, Psyk, will host the last techno DJing workshop of the Day.


He will share his experience and insights as a DJ, covering basic principles, signature mixing techniques for CDJs and turntables, utilizing the 3rd and 4th CDJs, music selection, organizing tracks with Rekord Box, and approaching Vinyl Only sets.


The workshop will also touch on the psychological aspects of DJing, emphasizing understanding the role of a DJ and reading the dancefloor, concluding with valuable advice for emerging DJs and the usual Q&A.

19:30 / 21:00 - Seedj Gig Contest

The two winners of the first phase of the Seedj Gig Contest will play a short 30-min set for the final of the competition, judged by a selected commission. 


In the end, we'll announce the final winner which will be rewarded with a gig slot on Phase 2 FSTVL 2024 (winter edition) on January 13 sharing the deck with world-renamed techno artists.

21:00 / 21:30 - Greetings & Meet-up

Conclusion of the event with greetings, feedback and a final meet-up with the tutors and partners of Day 2 (for "Fast-track" users).

23:59 till ? - PHASE 2 Klubnacht

Official club night from 23:59 of Saturday with Grace Dahl, Laure Croft, Parrish Smith, and Psyk in line up hosted by PHASE 2 in their first dutch klubnacht.

? Who's involved? Who's involved? Who's involved
? Who's involved? Who's involved? Who's involved

Record Labels

You will have the opportunity to meet and share your music with A&R and Label Managers for new releases and partnerships.

Management & Booking

You will be introduced to management and booking agencies to build connections and get new potential gigs and opportunities.

Synths & Controllers

You will access an exclusive expo area featuring new equipment & instruments from professional manufacturers with a testing purpose.

Who's in?

We closely collaborate with some of the key exponents & media of the electronic music industry.


starting price per day
  • Access to all masterclasses
  • Seedj Gig Contest
  • PHASE 2 club night access
  • Fast-track introduction to labels & booking agents add-on
  • Connection meet-ups
  • Hardware Demo Access
  • Dedicated support before and during the event

to the next price increase.

In a single digital platform, we have included the necessary services for the professional growth of a DJ/Producer in the electronic music field.

We are +10.000 DJs & Producers in 65 countries all over the world and now it’s time for the second edition of our yearly physical event: SEEDJ Bootcamp 2023.

Read some reviews about the 2022 edition →

In a single digital platform, we have included the necessary services for the professional growth of a DJ/Producer in the electronic music field.

We are +10.000 DJs & Producers in 65 countries all over the world and now it’s time for the second edition of our yearly physical event: SEEDJ Bootcamp 2023.

Read below some reviews about the 2022 edition ↓

It was great to get inspiration in a different country. There was a lot of nice masterclasses and a lot to learn. For me the best part of the bootcamp has nothing to do with what i was able to learn - for me the essential part of the bootcamp was the networking. I met people i visited afterwards and people i am still in contact with. This has no price.

about 2022 edition SortSind

Also included in the price:

The ticket to the bootcamp will also include access to first dutch PHASE 2 club night at Melkweg (Amsterdam) on Saturday 15 July from 23:00, with Psyk, Laure Croft, Parrish Smith, and Grace Dahl behind the deck + Malika Maria on the visuals.

Who is the Bootcamp for?

Seedj Bootcamp is suitable for electronic music producers and DJs. It is suitable for all those who want a direct access to the techno industry, through an educational path we create connections with key people in the field such as artists, labels, booking agencies, management and manufacturers.

How to get to the bootcamp?

Seedj Bootcamp 2023 will happen 14th and 15th of July from 11:00 am in the heart of Amsterdam, at Melkweg. Please find here all the info to get there.

Are there any age restrictions?

SEEDJ Bootcamp is a 16+ event. (Only those over 18 years of age will be able to consume alcohol).

What is the SEEDJ Gig contest?

Seedj Gig Contest is the first competition for all DJs who feel ready to perform in front of a crowd.
It will be divided into 2 phases: a first selection via podcast (you will be contacted by our team to participate) and a second selection via a mini-exhibition on July 15 (during the Bootcamp).
The winner will be able to perform on August 5th, 2023 during PHASE 2 FSTVL 2023 alongside names such as Adiel, Klangkluenstler, Cera Khin, and many others.


To participate in the Bootcamp no special skills or prior experience is required.

Equipment required: a portable laptop with a DAW installed for the Producing Path (day 1), USB sticks for the DJing Path (day 2).

Further gear can be brought depending on the user's needs.

What is the event's ultimate goal?

Seedj Bootcamp 2023 will be divided into Producing Path (Day 1) and DJing Path (Day 2).

At the end of the Producing Path you will be able to produce a finished track ready to be released on a Label of our network (includes notions of mixing and mastering).

You will also be able to distinguish and select your micro-genre based on the labels you wish to approach in the near future.

At the end of the DJing Path, you will be able to technically perform a complete techno DJ set and also, to present yourself adequately to booking agents and management partners and start to build collaborations, start a path of growth within an agency roster and obtain new gigs.

You will also participate in the first SEEDJ Gig Contest where you will have the opportunity to get a slot at PHASE 2 FSTVL 2023.

What is the Synths & Hardware Expo?

The Synths & Hardware Expo will be an activity included in the Bootcamp ticket and will take place on Day 1 on Friday.

Several international audio manufacturers will bring a preview of new products that can be explained and tried by all the participants.

How does the Fast-Track add-on work?

Fast-Track is an add-on that you can add when purchasing your ticket, during checkout. It will give you the exclusive right to receive a direct introduction from our team during the Bootcamp and for the following 6 months after the event with our network of partners including artists, record labels, booking & management agencies, venues, and media. (only 50 slots are available for this add-on).

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